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We navigate the fast developing legal and regulatory framework to achieve technology goals. Our lawyers and consultants offer end to end solution catered to our clients needs and wishes. Principle guided, we are able to offer direction where the law and the mind of the regulators is still unclear.

We understand the power of blockchain technology and we believe in the utility it creates for society at large. We stand behind entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations and do the necessary to foster development and spark innovation.

Funding is essential for the project implementation and we closely work with our partners to help them reach their goals, always in compliance with the legal system and in respect of investors and stakeholders.

At Behind Blocks we apply lateral thinking and reality test scenarios to solidly push and position our client’s ventures in the international regulatory and operational framework. Funders protection with full and clear risk disclosures, avoidance of tax evasion, speculation and manipulation are key to pushing the envelope in an untested environment.


Behind Blocks provides end to end regulatory support for blockchain technology implementations.

We take care of all regulatory, jurisdictional and legal aspects of your project so you can concentrate on changing the world.


We Are Powerful Multifaceted Consultants & Attorneys

We take care of all regulatory, jurisdictional and regulatory aspects of your project so you can concentrate on changing the world.

Corporate Structuring
Offshore Jurisdiction
Security Tokens
Token Offerings
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Jurisdiction advisory

Blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations advisory. Jurisdiction selection. Licenses, permits and authorisations. Compliance with the law. Tax efficiency.
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White Paper Review

Advising on framing the paper to emphasise utility aspect of the token. Solving “Howey” issues. Terms and Conditions. Drafting Legal and Risk disclaimers, Representations and Warranties, KYC and Knowledge requirements.
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Pre ICO/TGE Funding & Structuring

Company set up. PICO. Private SAFT. Pre-Sale Agreement on Tokens. Tax efficiency
KYC & AML . Consultancy and set up of token legal structure. Whitelisting. Escrow services. Risk management.
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Crypto Investment Funds Structuring

Jurisdiction choice for alternative asset classes funds. Structuring, legal counsel, fund administrator, auditor, custodian bank, independent directors, compliance, registered office and corporate services. Legal documentation, memorandum, investment management agreement, subscription agreement, custodian agreement, administration agreement, incorporation documents. Licensing
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Security tokens

Structuring sale to US investors through broker-dealer. “Tokenization” of share capital.
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Monitoring regulatory progress and advising on jurisdictional risks. Company Secretary services. Operational contracts with stakeholders (developers, sales team, staff). Exit Sales.


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